Proboards Pro
Yet another forum that I started with Charlie Boyle. Apparently we do forum makeovers on request o_O
My position: Administration Manager

Enchanted Element
Enchant's forum about Science Fiction, Fantasy, and the Paranormal
My position: Guy that hosts the shoutbox

Tables and Boxes
All Seeing Eyes' Table Site, instructions on creating HTML and UBBC tables.
My Position: Global Moderator

The Spam Board
Come here to spam!
My Position: Main admin


Chat Center
General Chat, with Graphics Requests.
My Position: Head of Staff

Proboards Studio
This a support forum with graphics, code requests, the whole package. Co-owned by Chaz and I, and staffed by well-known members from Proboards Support, it's definitely worth your time.
My Position: Co-admin

Gray Grid Designs
Gray Grid Designs is the quintessential design, graphics, coding, and discussion forum, with a growing amiable community, and a most competent staff to accomodate your needs. All work is done on a volunteer basis. We'd love for you to join and become a part of what makes GGD unique.
My Position: General Talk Moderator

The woobug forum!
Why Martyn is the woobug
My Position: Main admin