April 26th 2011
Perhaps it's about time I posted an update... Other than maintaining my randomizer site, there hasn't been much work done on my sites due to me being busy with university and work. I'm still somewhat involved with Proboards and vForums, but not much more beyond visiting their support forums. There is one new ASP project though: If you're in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area and using the bus service there, check out my GRT web/mobile app :).

October 26th 2008
ProBoards Pro returns! Click here for the latest newsletter.

August 5th 2008
Integrated image uploader on the randomizer service has been restored, as well as an improved randomizer handler (which should fix the issues it was having with particular images)

August 2nd 2008
General Site: OK, this site is close to being completely up to date with the exception of the stats page, which would take quite a while to update. I will eventually decide what to do with it. You may have also noticed the registration of the new domain name, frufru.ca. Both this and mrfrufru.com can be used to access the same content.

Image Randomizers: I am currently working on some new features for the randomizer service, and fixing up some old features in ways that I couldn't have done on my old host. This is why the integrated image uploader on the randomizer service is currently disabled. If all goes well, it should be back by the end of this long weekend.

June 29th 2008
I have finally transferred everything to my new host, and my randomizer service should now be completely functional again. I shall do some more work (i.e. updating) on other sites (like this one), as time goes by.

Dec 1st 2007
I wonder if anyone's still reading this... Oh well... I have now set up a new domain for the image randomizer service, at random-image.net. Note that random.mrfrufru.com will still be kept up, but the really old URL at r.mrfrufru.com will be retired. All URLs of the randomizers themselves will still be kept up (r2.mrfrufru.com), with a new equivalent added at the subdomain a.random-image.net (e.g. r2.mrfrufru.com/frufru/randimage.jpg will be equivalent to a.random-image.net/frufru/randimage.jpg). I'd also like to put a note that I am now a full-time undergrad student at the University of Waterloo, so that may explain my lack of updates.

July 8th 2006
Now I have completed and debugged (I hope) the main part of my self-serve image randomizer system.. Now people won't have to PM me for modifications to randomizers! The support board is located here.

April 11th 2006
Proboards Studio is now open, with a starting staff of Chaz, Me, kez, �Ms Pixie�, Mad~Dog~Mike, _pb.Serpent, and Mrs. Nesbit. Our first day of opening was extremely active and I could barely keep up with the topics. Mind you, I reluctantly accepted the co-admin position in the first place because of my busy schedule

And yes, I did leave Organized Confusion because they moved and I was too busy to go with them at the time.

January 24th 2006
Well I've been booted off PBAF staff and the admin won't even give me a straightforward answer as to why its happened. So, I just simply joined another forum: Random CrapOrganized Confusion

January 21st 2006
Statistics page added. Also added to main menu.

January 20th 2006
Links page added. Also added to main menu.

January 2nd 2006
Woobug forum was created on January 1st and already it has received fame from http://www.letspokethenewbies.com, Renegade's PB themed site

December 29th 2005
Finally got this template up!